Up To 65% rewards of trading fees for APM Masternode owner

  • 5% per year of profit sharing of 1tUS coin
  • up to 5% as masternode rewards
  • up to 65% additional rewards of the capcryp exchange trading fees

We make the vision come true.

The One Platform for Staking and Masternode Coins.

Enjoy the easy part to trade staking and masternode coins!

Our Vision

The Exchange of 1APayment

Capcryp is a subsidiary of 1APayment PLC. There are different ways to build a bridge between Fiat and Cryptos. 

The simplest and most effective option is an exchange trading platform.  In this platform it is possible to pay in and out with Cryptos. And via the settlement of the holding Cryptos to use your own account, other payment providers or to pay the invoice. 

This settlement between the individual subsidiaries of 1APayment will take place via the 1tUS and primarily the 1AP Coin. 

The 1tUS is tied to the US dollar. This is proven weekly by the livestream. This will be tradable against each of the listed coins. 

The APM is a coin with appreciation possibilities. With this coin based on a masternode blockchain, different payment methods are offered in several phases. The first step is to pay the listing fee for the subsidiary capcryp, the exchange, with APM Coins.  As a second step, we will offer only the APM coin for the billing service after the beta phase. As a 3rd step, it will also be possible to process payments via the payment service, e.g. payment to your own account via the APM coin.  

A special feature of the capcryp exchange is the decentralized trading directly between the partners, which is nevertheless accompanied by a verification in order to meet the requirements for obtaining the banking license in New Zealand.

Receive rewards on Capcryp for holding APM coins on staking and master nodes: Up to 65% of exchange trading fees are distributed as rewards to masternodes owners. Prerequisite: Must be hold for 10 days, after which the participation in the profit of the trading fees takes place according to the coins held.  Up to 5% per year for Masternodes for the APM Coin and 5% per year for the 1tUS profitsharing.